8th International Wildland Fire Conference


Tuesday, 16 May 2023 00:00 until Friday, 19 May 2023 00:00







Abstract Submission Deadline: at 23.59h (UTC+0) 12 December 2022.





The main objective of the 8th IWFC is to create space for presentation of current results of work in the field of wildland fire. The conference is also a space for creating collaborative links between professionals, academics, industry and public authorities aiming at long-term sharing of knowledge and discussions of highly current issues.

The topics of the 8th International Wildland Fire Conference include but are not limited to:

Integrated Fire Management

  • Planning and Preparation
    Defining interventions and resources needed at the community and government levels, as well as ensuring that citizens and organizations are prepared to act under best safety practices.
  • Prevention and Pre-Suppression
    Reducing exposure and vulnerability to fire and maintaining a state of preparedness for immediate intervention.
  • Suppression and Relief
    Suppressing fire and providing relief to those affected by fire.
  • Post-fire Intervention
    Dealing with the restoration and rehabilitation actions required in the aftermath of a fire.
  • Qualification
    Training and certification on all integrated fire management expertise areas.
  • Technical Innovation
    Innovation on software applications and technological equipments and solutions, and operational communications systems.

Fire Risk Governance

  • Risk Handling
    Dealing with risk perception, assessment, management and translational research, encompassing traditional and indigenous knowledge.
  • Stakeholder Engagement
    Inclusive risk-related decision-making and conflict resolution, regarding multi-level policy design, sustainability, and funding.
  • Adaptive Management
    Process Monitoring and Planning Evaluation for continuous improvement and lessons learnt and analysis of physical and social impacts due to changes in fire governance.
  • Communication
    Risk Communication – exchanging or sharing risk-related data, information and knowledge between and among different groups such as scientists, regulators, industry and general public; Public report of system performance.
  • International Cooperation
    Cross-border cooperation on training, best-practices, and standards.

Local Organizer of 8th IWFC:

International Liaison Committee for the 8th IWFC

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